Gerakini is a village in the Halkidiki peninsula in Central Macedonia, Northern Greece. It has been the port of nearby Polygyros, the capital of Halkidiki, ever since its settlement. Its beaches attract thousands of tourists and holiday makers during the summer. It has the largest magnesite deposits in Northern Greece.

Gerakini lies on the gulf of Torone, between the two fingers (smaller peninsulas) of Kassandra and Sithonia, southeast of Thessaloniki.

Gerakini is at a distance of 14.5 km (9 mi.) from Polygyros, 77 km (48 mi.) from Thessaloniki, via Polygyros, or 78 km, via Nea Moudania, and 66 km (41 mi.) from the Thessaloniki Makedonia (SKG) International Airport.

GERAKINI churchThe middle part, the real village of Gerakini, has the church of patron saints Agioi Theodoroi (dedicated to two saints having the same name Theodoros).

There are several olive oil mills in the area (in Polygyros, Kalyves Polygyrou, Olynthos, Ormylia) and companies for green table olives preservation. Olives are harvested while green for table olives in September and, mainly for olive oil, when black in November and December. The language spoken is the Greek dialect of Halkidiki, as spoken in its capital Polygyros.

Gerakini as well as nearby Kalyves Polygyrou were settled by farmers from Polygyros in the late 1800s and early 1900s, ever since belonging to its municipal administration as municipal units.

Until the 1960s there was the sole olive oil mill of the area on the central beach owned by the Haji Osman family. There was also a police station in Gerakini for very many years in the past. During World War II there was the Administration Center of the area, which, among other activities, extended the main dock, whose remains still extant, for vessel freights for use by the occupying German army. Divers and amateur fishers used both parts of the dock for diving and fishing. There was also a lighthouse on the right side of the main dock.

Gerakini ‘s seaside is one of the main vacation resorts of Halkidiki and attracts thousands of visitors from April to October. It can be reached by bus or car from Thessaloniki via Polygyros or Nea Moudania, or by sea by passing through Potidaia’s canal, or by the primary opening between the two fingers of Kassandra and Sithonia. It has a mooring bay on the Aegean Sea.

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