Folklore Museum of Polygyros

Folklore Museum of Polygyros

The Poligiros Folklore Museum was opened in May 1998 on the initiative of the Women’s Voluntary Association for Community Development, a local group that has been organising folklore-related events for the past twenty years. The exhibits have all been donated by residents and citizens of Poligiros. Those on the first[…]


Gerakini is a village in the Halkidiki peninsula in Central Macedonia, Northern Greece. It has been the port of nearby Polygyros, the capital of Halkidiki, ever since its settlement. Its beaches attract thousands of tourists and holiday makers during the summer. It has the largest magnesite deposits in Northern Greece.[…]

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Sunday Summer Resort

Sunday Summer Resort The complex Sunday Summer Resort comprises 4 studios (2+1 persons), 2 Studios (3 persons) and 6 Apartments (3-5 persons) fully-equipped and furnished, decorated with elegance and style, comfortable and functional. Located on a breathtaking bright-green stretch of land, near the sea-shore, it is a fascinating microcosm of the natural wealth of Halkidiki Greece. Within the span of 5000[…]


Resto Restaurant

Header The first museum was on the Acropolis; it was completed in 1874 and underwent a moderate expansion in the 1950s. However, successive excavations on the Acropolis uncovered many new artifacts which significantly exceeded its original capacity. An additional motivation for the construction of a new museum was that in[…]

Cook Art restaurant Don't Miss

Cook Art restaurant

Cook Art restaurant The Cook Art restaurant is available with traditional Greek flavors. With emphasis on Mediterranean diet served delicious food cooked with the finest materials. In the morning we serve breakfast personally to all our visitors, and the rest of the day we are there for you to make[…]